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For example, choosing to mate with males that produce local signals would require less energy for a female as she searches for a mate.Males may compete by imposing lower mating costs on the female or even providing material or offspring contributions to the female.Many species of animals engage in some type of courtship display to attract a mate, such as dancing, the creation of sounds and physical displays.However, many species are not limited to just one of these behaviors.

The rhythmic movements of the male's wings produce a distinctive buzzing sound.The choosy sex may only evaluates one, or a couple, traits at a given time when interpreting complex signals from the opposite sex.Alternatively, the choosy sex may attempt to process all of the signals at once to facilitate the evaluation of the opposite sex.When conducting a dive display, the male typically ascends approximately 20–35 m in the air then abruptly turns and descends in a dive like fashion.As the male flies over the female, he rotates his body and spreads his tail feathers, which flutter and collide to produce a short, buzzing sound.Direct benefits may accrue to the female during male courtship behavior.Females can raise their own fitness if they respond to courtship behavior that signals benefits to the female rather than the fitness of the male.In most species, the male sex initiates courtship displays in pre-copulatory sexual selection.Performing a display allows the male to present his traits or abilities to a female.In pipefish (Syngnathus typhle), females use a temporary ornament, a striped pattern, to both attract males and intimidate rival females.In this case, the female of a species developed a sexually selected signal which serves a dual function of being both attractive to mates and deterring rivals.

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