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Then a car nearly runs him over and our future president blurts his first word: "Shit! And on campus, he's the only black student in four of his five classes. The Barry who plays basketball at the Columbia gym isn't the same Barry who dunks on dudes at the neighborhood court. Gandhi's astonishingly dimensional examination of racial conflict recalls Spike Lee's , with one key difference.

" First-time actor Devon Terrell, an Australian, nails that Obama staccato. The biracial brainiac didn't blend there, and he doesn't blend here. He's too nerdy to hang at the projects without his friend PJ (Jason Mitchell of , fantastic as always) escorting him through the hallways like a tourist, and he's awkward boozing it up with the Young Reaganites, all poised to conquer Wall Street after graduation. And the Barry whom Charlotte falls in love with over beers and Chinese takeout isn't this blustering phony who tries to win over her mom and dad by bragging that his father went to Harvard. Lee loves watching hotheads explode; Gandhi's fight boils under the deceptively cool surface of a man who rarely raises his voice. We see him notice, say, the street corner cologne salesman who sees him with Charlotte and presses him to buy a scent "the sisters" will like. Then he quietly files the jab away like a scientific observation. How can he expect people to accept him, a half-Kenyan/half-Kansan, when he's uncomfortable with who he is?

Each episode will feature a new dater, female or male, who will be introduced to 10 suitors and weed them out based on a blindfolded kiss, some intimate conversation, and “associated sensory perceptions.” The dater will take the two best matches on dates before making his/her final decision.

The show won more viewers than Big Brother and BBC2, after it was labelled as “Blind Date in a brothel”.

His voice is soft, firm, and controlled, the words laid out like speed bumps covered in velvet. When his friend Saleem (Avi Nash), a club-hopping drunk, mockingly imitates him, he lowers his voice and swaggers, "The trick is to sound just white enough." Barry stares him down. "This isn't my scene," he admits to a cute white girl named Charlotte ('s Anya Taylor-Joy, clear-eyed and intelligent). But is about someone trying — and often failing — to fuse to any group that will have him. He's always hacking into people's armor to convince them he belongs, whether it's convincing strangers at a frat party to swill shots or talking W. Why is he acting like her liberal parents might be racist? And how progressive is 's questions are powerful whether asked by a future president or a future janitor.

"Fuck you, Saleem." Impersonation isn't Terrell and Gandhi's goal. They scrape away the weight of destiny to reveal the kid who can't even answer the question, "Where are you from? So she drags him to a different one, a new wave club where he dances to The B-52s. The script is great no matter who it's about — it's just that fewer curiosity-seekers would give it a watch were it about someone else.

Kate, unattached and free, soaks in the southern sunshine in a skimpy purple bikini.

PHOTOS: Kate's high school yearbook pics "This show should be called ' Kate Plus Kate' because mommy does everything," one of the sextuplets says.

PHOTOS: Reality TV's breakout stars "Sometimes moms of teenagers think that things are funny," she quips, while her embarrassed high school-aged girls look flustered and embarrassed.In one scene, Kate also tries preventing the girls from going out with a few teenage boys. "I don't know." By the way, she didn't tell her kids she was dating again. While the busy mom spends the majority of her time tending to the kids, she considers dipping back into the dating pool — and with a cute guy, too. Kate seems to like this gentlemen, who whisks her through NYC in a limo and a romantic helicopter ride. Watch the preview above, and tune in to the premiere on TLC on Tuesday, Dec. “Anyone who doubts the poisonous influence of internet porn has only to watch five minutes of Naked Attraction to see the damage done,” wrote the Mail’s Christopher Stevens.Although we’re unsure if Cilla would approve, the viewing public certainly seemed to.In one chapter, Obama wrote this about visiting her wealthy Connecticut home, decorated with pictures of rich white men: "Standing in that room, I realized that our two worlds, my friend’s and mine, were as distant from each other as Kenya is from Germany.And I knew that if we stayed together I’d eventually live in hers." So he had to leave.As the show goes progresses, the contestant rules out people based on whose physiques they’re attracted to – talking Richardson through their choices as they go along.As the potential matches were whittled down, Richardson – who previously hosted The Sex Education Show – revealed information about what people “normally use to judge a partner on” – from what they do for a living, to how they dress.Unsurprisingly, Monday’s first episode – which featured a bisexual female contestant and full frontal nudity – won its fair share of criticism.The Telegraph claimed the show was nothing more than a “meat market” with the Daily Mail labelling it “Blind Date in a Brothel”.

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