Dating boarding school

After the first year, the tears dried up and I decided school was okay.Bryanston was quite a liberal place and they worked hard to find out what I was good at, which was art and drama.

I was very shy as a young teenager, but boarding school gave me the confidence I needed to believe in myself - before that, I was all over the place.

I didn't do too well in my A-levels - I got an 'A' in AS-level art, but it's best to draw a veil over the rest of my results.

I thought about becoming an actor, but then didn't get into any drama schools, so I fled to Ecuador and spent a gap year working in an orphanage in the capital, Quito, which I loved.

It isn't for everyone, but I would send my children to Bryanston, as long as they wanted to go.

I think a good boarding school education gives you the confidence to be whoever you want to be, and I am very grateful for the experience.

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