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"Just a cop killed in a traffic accident" says Sweet.As the others walk away from Tenpenny, CJ approaches him slowly, taps his dead body with his foot, and says sarcastically, "See you around... According to the in-game talk radio station WCTR, Tenpenny's body is later found brutally mutilated and stripped by the homeless.Game Pro ranks Frank Tenpenny 35th on their list of most diabolical video game villains of all time, saying “You gotta respect a guy who takes a stand and says, ‘No, man.We can't all just get along.’” Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris is an antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Big Smoke is introduced as a high-ranking member of the Grove Street Families and one of CJ's childhood friends.He moved out of Grove Street to live in a new house in Idlewood (Ballas territory) and rumours suggested that he had purchased the house with drug money. Amid a citywide riot, CJ confronts Smoke in his crack palace, where the pair engage in a lengthy gunfight which eventually ends with Smoke's death.

Sweet stops him, saying that there's no need to leave any evidence.After CJ and Cesar, along with a squad of Triads, riddle T-Bone with bullets on the pier, Ryder runs away and engages CJ in a speedboat chase, which ends in his death.(Alternatively, as he swims to the speedboat, he is killed by CJ.) Sean "Sweet" Johnson is a high-ranking member of the Grove Street Families and the older brother of Carl, Kendl and Brian Johnson. Prior to the events of the game, Sweet's younger brother Brian was murdered, something which he held his other brother CJ accountable for.Sweet is convicted of several felonies and sentenced to life in prison.Sometime later, CJ begins working for Mike Toreno, an undercover government agent, in exchange for Sweet's protection and eventual release from prison.With his dying breath, Big Smoke boasts, "Everyone´s gonna remember my name, Big Smoke!" In earlier previews of San Andreas, Smoke was seen wearing a white basketball jersey with no hat; his design was changed in the final version.As CJ continues to re-establish himself within the ranks of the Grove Street Families, Ryder becomes increasingly jealous of him, despite his alliance with the Ballas. Ryder aids Big Smoke in establishing a drug trade with the Loco Syndicate (San Andreas' largest drug cartel), which floods Los Santos with crack cocaine.CJ eventually discovers (through Cesar Vialpando) that Ryder has betrayed him and their gang after witnessing a meeting between him, Big Smoke, C. He later appears in San Fierro during a meeting with T-Bone Mendez and the Ballas.Ryder is often seen mocking CJ for running away to Liberty City and for his apparent lack of driving skills. Following CJ's exile from Los Santos and Sweet's imprisonment, Ryder is now openly in league with the Ballas.Shortly after his return to Los Santos, CJ aids Ryder in acquiring firearms and weaponry for the Grove Street Families from a variety of locations including the home of a heavily armed war veteran (Colonel Fuhrberger), a forcibly stopped ammunition train and a National Guard weapons depot. As a result, the Grove Street Families lose power and influence and subsequently relinquish all of their territory to their rival gangs.

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