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Why spend all that pesky time building social skills and learning how to talk to people outside your group when the perfect woman will be part of your world?And hey, who needs to spend time and effort on romance?She’s the one toting around the Naruto-branded messenger bag with a copies of Watchmen, Blankets and Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men sticking out the top.She’s waiting in line for the midnight release for Halo 4 and Kingdom Hearts Posterior Aphasia.

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Now you’re not afraid to approach women, you’re just waiting for isn’t going to show up at the comic book store next week anyway?only without all of the downsides of being a real person.She has a life and interests, desires and experiences.One of the most common stereotypes of the modern geek is someone whose social skills are next to non-existant; they can’t maintain a conversation about topics that aren’t science fiction, space opera, urban fantasy, video games, computers or comic books.Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth to this idea.She’ll be enchanted by your stories about how your guild was the first to raid the Lich-King.You can wow her with your knowledge of Joss Whedon quotes and Pixar trivia!Who needs a romantic dinner or a hike down to a beautiful lake when you can bond over taking out Hunters and Boomers in Left 4 Dead 2?Bonding is so much easier when you can just talk about video games and comic books instead of having to sweat out finding what you have in common! She’s gone beyond something approachable and now she’s this ultimate being that you can’t believe exists. The best part is, that the Geek Girl will make your life better.At one point in her life she was the cute girl you saw at the comic store having a conversation with the clerk about Warren Ellis… She will never think that your love of comics is childish. She is now what you will compare all other women to She is the Platonic Ideal and all other women around are just the shadows flickering on the cave walls. After all, being “in love” with this geek Goddess elevates and find the secret to her heart.but now she represents everything you wish you could find in a woman. She doesn’t so much as poop, fart, menstruate or scratch herself. Her hair is always perfect, even right when she wakes up in the morning. She’ll love you because of your love for the Tom Baker era Dr. Worshiping her, orbiting around her like a trapped asteroid, the tortured nights alone in your room crying the manly tears of unrequited love… She’s a fetish, an you are paying her the ultimate compliment when instead all you are doing is denying her her own personhood.

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  1. they arent there to be meanies they are there to keep the peace and make chat as much fun as a possible without making people feel uncomfortable. I'm on vacation for the next 2 weeks and have plenty of free time to host or travel. it is after all a cyber free chat room and displaying those x rated pics can create problems and may make it more of a challenge for the mods to say its a cyber free zone when x rated pics are being displayed in chat. She checks out all the stores while i have a seat on a bench and check out some of the other good stuff that walks or juggles by.