Lara pulver dating raza jaffrey

It was a gift of a role.’She says that her mother, a council worker, and her sister, a teacher, are both ‘very capable women’, and that she had always thought that to achieve and strive was the be-all and end-all for any modern woman.

But despite her rising star she has come to realise, she says, that the rat race, the need to be a strong woman on every front, with an unstoppable career, endlessly self-reliant in the home, too, might not be all it’s cracked up to be.‘I think women have slightly done themselves a disservice, in being able to do so much.

It’s actually nice to say, "Yes, I could fix that washing machine, I have the ability to, and yet, actually, do you mind fixing it for me?

She is accustomed to baring her flesh after turning sleuth Benedict Cumberbatch to jelly in the BBC series Sherlock In a recent interviewing promoting her role in Sky's new TV Drama Fleming, in which she plays Ian Fleming's lover Anne O'Neill, she said: ‘You know that in LA you’re being judged the minute you walk in the room.

I can disclose that Pulver, 31, is being courted by Raza Jaffrey, her 36-year-old former co-star in Spooks.

“They got together in Los Angeles,” a close friend tells me.

Alan Wilson, the Bishop of Buckingham, could only inquire, rhetorically: “Ego problem?

At one stage she attempted to adjust her see-through skirt, under which she wore a pair of platform nudes by Ursula Mascaro, although she appeared unusually shy under the glare of photographers' flash bulbs.

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