Niall and amelia lily dating

Fans were so determined to see their music heroes that some camped out in Leicester Square the night before.Continue reading: One Direction's "Unbelievable" And "Unreal" 'This Is Us' World Premiere [Pictures] today.Amelia Lily toldthat she was definitely not seeing him. I’m only young.” I hate to say i told you so, but….. She explained: “He’s a good friend but if he asked me out for dinner I wouldn’t say ‘yes’ right now, I’m too busy. Scroll down and check out her athletic body, short and/or medium multi-colored hairstyles & haircuts. The pair are said to have been ‘secretly dating’ since meeting at the studios earlier in the series.

Niall can be pretty shy but he made his feelings clear.’After swapping numbers, they were texting all week and met up on a secret date in London where they kissed for the first time.’Niall failed to keep his affections for the 17-year-old rock chick hidden as he tweeted his support for her during Saturday night’s semi-final show. cmon little mix ,not a disaster they will kill it next song!

The last thing on my mind at that time was going on a date," she told Now magazine.

When asked if they had swapped numbers, Amelia said they did – but that she then distanced herself from the singer when she realised that he wanted to ask her out."Yeah.

The ' You Bring Me Joy' star says she decided against dating Niall because she prefers dark haired men.

Amelia Lily has revealed that she turned down One Direction's Niall Horan because he's not her type.

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