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The lists are maintained and updated by a community and you can automatically have the program download the latest IP address lists.You can also create your own block lists based on your personal preference.The installation process of Peer Guardian needs user assistance, since it requires you to configure a few settings.The first step is to select the types of organizations/items to be blocked (P2P / Ads / Spyware / Government / Educational).It is actively maintained only on Linux and developers encourage Windows users to migrate to Peer Block, a fork of Peer Guardian.Network security doesn't end with the installation of a firewall or any automated security package.

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One of the most negative aspects of file sharing and Internet surfing, in general, is that your privacy is never fully protected.

Next, the application prompts you to add the list of IPs to be processed; the source can be a text file or a URL.

The final step allows you to configure the update feature for the online database.

This means that Peer Block is now a semi-free program, but for most users updating the lists once every seven days should be enough.

Peer Block is recommended, and is a must have for any program which uses P2P connections.

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