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Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members.But it’s not all positive for women, some I’ve met say things like “sure there’s a lot of guys, but they’re all tech guys — they’re all kind of the same.” Overall though, if you’re a straight single woman in Seattle, these are pretty good times. I would have loved to see Jeff tie his analysis to real issues such as the acceleration of services that commodifies dating(Grindr, Tinder, Missed Connections), how inequality in pay and seniority (especially in the tech sector) perpetuates power roles between men and women, or how society’s portrayal of gender roles continues to put up barriers to entry for women in tech.Unfortunately, all I got was a bland, thoughtless argument surrounding statistics.I'll be working a contract job for the next year, and will be staying in Bellevue and working in Bothell.

I understand that part of entitlement comes from not having experienced enough in life to understand the true meaning of empathy, and I hope one day him and the likes of other dating analysts are able to show some empathy in their analysis.Most were interested in getting back to the south (Tennessee/Alabama) to meet black women.They had mentioned a few times that Bremerton/Tacoma/Seattle/Everett were basically the only areas they could find black women and that choices were kind of limited.I do however love black women, and while I've dated inter racially and had a few interracial relationships, I'm mainly attracted to black women. Anyone has any experience in dating as a minority in the Seattle area?I used to work with quite a few black guys when I was in Bremerton/Silverdale (Navy).After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads.Hello, I'm a single black male moving to Seattle Saturday.By nature of parties, the foosball table in my apartment tends to become an attraction around PM (when you’ve ran out of things to talk about to your friends, when the communal shot of whiskey starts settling in, when it’s still too early to head home).By nature of many unfortunate factors, the foosball table also tends to be dominated by persons wielding one X and one Y chromosome.I don't need to live or be around other blacks ( my current neighborhood in Atlanta is mainly white and latin).I'm also the only black guy who works on my team, and I'm pretty comfortable with that (been that way on numerous occassions).

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