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For this reason, I am absolutely in love with this week’s short.Director/writer Meghann Artes has created a lovely world in which her lonely protagonist Ava (Baize Buzan) seeks love from a speed dating session at a local bar.

The crew and the actors also contribute greatly and all bring their own ideas and inspirations.Sure, the cast of characters she meets are exaggerated tropes, but that is perfectly acceptable given the beautiful layering of mood and colour infused throughout the short, each as important in the story telling as the words in the script.I also have to give a shout out to her cool stop-motion animation aesthetic that she has applied to her living cast.So it’s just a matter of the seed of an idea taking root and growing and expanding out from there.I happen to be fascinated with pixilation and stop-motion right now so a lot of my ideas tend to lend themselves to that technique.It’s almost like choreographed dancing, but very slowly!Once you get going though, you get into a rhythm and start to just let it flow.It just adds that extra layer of whimsical delight., a sprightly comedy short from Meghann Artes, holds a timid energy in its style that amusingly reflects the jittery mindset of a woman straying from her domestic comfort zone in a brave attempt to socialise.In terms of the storyline, I was at a point where work was keeping me very busy (I had just finished my second year teaching at De Paul University in Chicago) and I hadn’t had time to make a film in a while.Looking for inspiration, I called up one of my best friends and began to reminisce about the time we both went speed dating.

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