Spirituality and dating

Sixty-seven percent of seniors in the study said that having a rich spiritual life contributes meaning to life.The majority of baby boomers in the study also said that, when “thinking about their later years,” having a rich spiritual life will be very important (NCOA, 2002).Many seniors experience this kind of maturing as they have more time and interest in addressing the spiritual aspects of their lives.As seniors develop spiritually, they often exhibit certain characteristics.And perceptions held by others become less important, as does conforming to cultural norms and expectations.For many seniors, the focus on production and accomplishments they held throughout young adulthood and middle age gives way in later years to a concentration on the interior life. Scientists participating in a conference on spirituality and health concluded that both religion and spirituality have a “sacred core” that involves “feeling, thought, experiences, and behaviors that arise from a search for the sacred” (Koenig, Mc Cullough, & Larson, 2001).Like them, she wished to cross the river, but the water was too high. Other distinction can be made between spirituality and religion. For example, sometimes seniors do not participate in organized religious activities due to physical limitations, yet they maintain a rich, private spiritual life through activities such as prayer and personal devotions.So one of the monks lifted her onto his back and carried her across. For two full hours he berated him on his negligence in keeping the Holy Rule: Had he forgotten he was a monk? Religion is organized, formal, prescriptive, and community-related. This is particularly true of seniors older than age 85.

There is a dramatic contrast between the percentage of older and younger age groups who are Protestant and Catholic.

In the last few decades, gerontologists have become increasingly aware of the importance of spirituality to the well0-being of seniors. It is a concept that is highly personal, often private, and hard to put into works.

For most, spirituality is an inward a description that came from the 1971 White House Conference on Aging: “the basic value around which all other values are focused, the central philosophy of life – whether religious, antireligious, or nonreligious – which guides a person’s conduct, the supernatural and nonmaterial dimensions of human nature” (Moberg, 1971).

Spirituality is more personal and not prescriptive. Like spirituality, religion plays an important role in the lives of most seniors.

In fact, a recent Gallup poll shows that 73 percent of seniors identify religion as being very important to them. The below chart shows a comparison between age groups for this measure.

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