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The UK government plans to restrict access to pornographic content via age verifications as soon as 2018.New legislation will force owners and administrators of pornographic websites to check the age of their users before allowing them to access adult entertainment content.There are many ways that parents can protect their children from pornography.Proactive parents can sit down with their kids and talk with them about adult content.More specifically, parents can explain to their children that pornography isn’t representative of genuine relationships; rather, it is fiction and fantasy produced for entertainment purposes.Additionally, parents may want to explain that sexuality isn’t anything to be ashamed of – it is simply a part of being human.

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In the UK, in November 2016, the government announced plans to censor “non-conventional” pornography.

The move caused an uproar from free speech activists and average citizens alike.

Given these nuances, it is worrying to think that the government is going to enforce age-related restrictions, verifications and identity checks via credit cards on content that isn’t easily universally defined.

After all, most parents would agree that stopping minors from accessing adult content is a worthy goal.

However, some view the matter as a tactic to pull on the heartstrings of citizens and manipulate them into forfeiting their liberties.

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