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Self-extracting module (optional) RAR 5.0 signature Archive encryption header (optional) Main archive header Archive comment service header (optional) File header 1 Service headers (NTFS ACL, streams, etc.) for preceding file (optional). File header N Service headers (NTFS ACL, streams, etc.) for preceding file (optional). RAR 5.0 signature consists of 8 bytes: 0x52 0x61 0x72 0x21 0x1A 0x07 0x01 0x00. Contains positions of different service blocks, so they can be accessed quickly, without scanning the entire archive. If it is missing, it is still necessary to scan the entire archive to verify presence of service blocks. It can be set to zero if preallocated space was not enough to store resulting offset. It can be set to zero if preallocated space was not enough to store resulting offset. This flag can be set if actual file size is larger than reported by OS or if file size is unknown such as for all volumes except last when archiving from stdin to multivolume archive. For files split between volumes it contains CRC32 of file packed data contained in current volume for all file parts except the last. Lower 6 bits (0x003f mask) contain the version of compression algorithm, resulting in possible 0 - 63 values. It can be set only for file headers and is never set for service headers. Bits 11 - 14 (0x3c00) define the minimum size of dictionary size required to extract data. Forward slash character is used as the path separator both for Unix and Windows names.You need to search for this signature in supposed archive from beginning and up to maximum SFX module size. First 8 bytes are calculated using additional PBKDF2 rounds, 4 last bytes is the additional checksum. Distance from beginning of quick open service block to beginning of main archive header. Distance from beginning of recovery record service block to beginning of main archive header. Flags specific for these header types: 0x0001 Directory file system object (file header only). Bits 8 - 10 (0x0380 mask) define the compression method. Value 0 means 128 KB, 1 - 256 KB, ..., 14 - 2048 MB, 15 - 4096 MB. Backslashes are treated as a part of name for Unix names and as invalid character for Windows file names. If Unix file name contains any high ASCII characters which cannot be correctly converted to Unicode and UTF-8, we map such characters to to 0x E080 - 0x E0FF private use Unicode area and insert 0x FFFE Unicode non-character to resulting string to indicate that it contains mapped characters, which need to be converted back when extracting.

If flag 0x0002 is present, RAR transforms the checksum preserving file or service data integrity, so it becomes dependent on encryption key.Further details can be found in Un RAR source code.For files split between volumes it contains a hash of file packed data contained in current volume for all file parts except the last.The application firstly erases the ROM of your mainboard’s BIOS, flashes it by deploying the new content and then verifies its integrity in order to assure you of the successful completion of the entire process.The bottom line is that ASUS Win Flash may not seem the best solution for updating the BIOS of your computer’s ASUS motherboard right now, as ASUS Update clearly offers more options.ASUS Win Flash (Windows BIOS Flash Utility) provides ASUS motherboards owners with a simple, fast feature software designed to help you update the BIOS from the Windows operating system, without having to create a bootable diskette or any other removable device in order to do so.Updating the BIOS of your mainboard can fix compatibility issues or other possible problems, thus it is always recommended to do so as soon as you find a newly released version.Sometimes RAR needs to pre-allocate space for vint before knowing its exact value.In such situation it can allocate more space than really necessary and then fill several leading bytes with 0x80 hexadecimal, which means 0 with continuation flag set. We use 0x prefix to define hexadecimal values, such as 0xf000 Flags common for all headers: 0x0001 Extra area is present in the end of header. 0x0004 Blocks with unknown type and this flag must be skipped when updating an archive. 0x0040 Preserve a child block if host block is modified. Different archive blocks have different associated extra area record types.For files not split between volumes and for last parts of split files it contains an unpacked data hash. Placed before any file headers and after the main archive header. Placed after all file headers, but before the recovery record and end of archive header.This record is used if it is necessary to store creation and last access time or if 1 second precision of Unix mtime stored in file header is not enough: 0x0001 Time is stored in Unix time format if this flags is set and in Windows FILETIME format otherwise 0x0002 Modification time is present 0x0004 Creation time is present 0x0008 Last access time is present RAR uses service headers based on the file header data structure to store different supplementary information. Comment data is stored in UTF-8 immediately after the archive comment header. It is possible to locate the quick open header with locator record in main archive header.

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