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For example, the following code will always display a client side validation error, even when the date is in the specified range: You will need to disable j Query date validation to use the Range attribute with Date Time.

It's generally not a good practice to compile hard dates in your models, so using the Range attribute and Date Time is discouraged.

The following image shows how to disable Java Script in the Chrome browser. They automatically look for validation attributes specified on the model and display error messages as appropriate.

What's really nice about this approach is that neither the controller nor the view and any other views templates you might create that edit your model.

You might wonder how the validation UI was generated without any updates to the code in the controller or views.

Right click on the Movies table in Server explorer and click Open Table Definition: In the image above, you can see all the string fields are set to NVARCHAR (MAX). Build the solution, and then open the Package Manager Console window and enter the following commands: attributes indicates that a property must have a value; but nothing prevents a user from entering white space to satisfy this validation.

You can use the Regular Expression attribute to validate the format of the data.

The Data Type attribute is used to specify a data type that is more specific than the database intrinsic type, they are setting specifies that the specified formatting should also be applied when the value is displayed in a text box for editing.

The form data is not sent to the server until there are no client side validation errors.

You can verify this by putting a break point in the HTTP Post method, by using the fiddler tool, or the IE F12 developer tools.

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