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TIMES THURSDAY FEBRUARY 19 1981 HOME NEWS _ Mam aim of Some minerssceptical of closures retreat Minister to Bj- Fred Emery ■ ■ Political Editor The desperate wish to avert a coal srrike was the paramount - consideration for Mrs Margaret ' Thatcher in agreeing, in sudden reversal of her stated policy, to consider givine extra money to lie coai board. The power supply industry Is much more worried about the prospect of a national water strike.

“I am not 'celebrating yet and I will want to wait and see what our national leaders, say before I think it is a .deal.” ' "' - “ Clear victory **: Mr Joseph Whelan, general secretary of Stockpiling has some weaknesses Power stations face bigger threat from water strike By Peter Hennessy Big coal-burning power stations, the backbone of the national grid, could have with¬ stood a siege of picketing miners for between eight and ten weeks had .a national coal strike occurred. Smallerrg'» 1OL0 710* *-n i 13 23 31 HI o,' 6 , 1 s Fnd t ..

Miss Joan Peters, aged 23, a secretary, said: “ I voted Coo* servative, bur not to put. 1 like the idea of a woman Prime Minister but Mrs Thatcher must □ot assume she will have m* and sewerage workers m England and Wales. Jstry „^ ave rejected the to be held over the near few offer. with GMWU meetings to- OUI 0041 resmcoons on unions came from represen ta- cksv ' jti Efrmingbain and Liver- normal working. m allow wodc to be contracted- the giants of the Labour -. Only 25 per cent of those cent unemployment, lies to the as the giants of the Labour canvassed said they would not north-west of the Hertford and movement turned Hampstead, SU nporr a new p'any. The uid in Lon^m, into the intellectual number may increase if Mrs county town of Hertford and the home o E socialism. More consultants would be appointed in these fields, with fewer junior staff under them, with the intention of establish¬ ing more training posts for junior doctors in under-sub¬ scribed specialities * such as pathology, radiology and some branches of. Competition for posts for training in Surgery and other popular specialties -was exces¬ sive and - leading to an unaccept¬ able level of wastage, the com¬ mittee, which - is investigating medical education,, was told.

Uy ^ standards, may be said ZLEo L t& ° ur throats.’ and sewerage workers In | 700 compulsory rcdundancies if | t0 have turned this raw young a ? And Conservative women, enjoying the taste of a female Prime Minister though not the unemployment situation, are enthusiastic about the possible emergence of another woman at the helm. Stevenage,' a town with a population of 74,000 and 7.8 per out and other restrictions on birthplace of soda] democracy. He added that it was not an Btganiyation of moderates. The proposals, from the Joint Consultants Committee, would lead to quotas being set by the Department of Health on the number of registrars health authorities could appoint in over-subscribed specialties such as general medicine* and surgery.

“There would not have been enough room m t he jails in the land for all the miners who would-go there. themselves the embarrassment of this ■ situa¬ tion.” ' . ' Mr Henry Garling, branch official, said: “ I went to look at the. as my worry is that we could be in the same position in'1982.•'We have been through all this'now.

Scottish reaction: In Scotland, where - it had been, announced that three pits', were to close, a .miners’ official at Cardu Han, near Glasgow, the largest of the three, said the men were delighted with the withdrawal the closure plan, but would not - be calling off their strike until the special delegates’ con¬ ference in Edinburgh tomorrow. He warned the Conservative 1 Party to keep, off the middle ground of poli¬ tics.

nerve • 5ir Angus Maude, the former Paymaster General, - yesterday urged - the'Government to stick to its unpopular policies and. - Sir Angus’s speech ro a party , meeting in : Ruislip contrasted with recent statements by Mr - Francis Pym, who ■ over, his.

£ i££5l r fpnm vota DSXt time - The P^Ple here Mr Proctor comes largely from want j 0 g I Branar 9 15. It was also told that too many junior" training • posts had too great a service commitment to the National Health Service and provided too lirtle training.

W Main r "a 16 8 Frn'ctscb r la TO rilo H-in f t 4S Cutmiiy a 4 Manchltr c S 37 Sloclihl T tn UH Blrmnonm l i 34 •Innjjruck. 75 tpi r- 1* rs* finilo T’ -c ■ 4 W lain a but - -c 4 M Moscow « -s Toronio c" 1 J* Brusanlj .*«, o 52 Sttjxy n 5 Ji Munich sn -u 23 Vonconvr c 8 cardirr c s 57 t pbibiss c in 44 Naptn « 10 30 Venice s * .v» Lfitv Hepori. CMofln# e 3 57 Lisbon •cowmiiaa ■_ A 36 jukwm od S to e B mi Soo Sm e 15 ss Nsptrs s io 30 Venice i * New Y(rt j 17 63 Vienna in -C 23 Ha . Overseas doctors, who make up a large proportion of junior hospital staff, suffered particu¬ larly.

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