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(“This is just a while-trash theory, but I think if he’d married Ann-Margret, he’d still be alive today.”) Which makes his current stage role something of a natural: He plays the ruminative inmate of a mental institution.Onstage, stripped of his trademark Stetson, Yoakam reveals a receding hairline.When Dwight Yoakam moved to Los Angeles more than 30 years ago, he found himself drawn to the Hollywood Hills.“Being born in Appalachia, maybe it’s part of my DNA,” he muses, remembering his mother’s reaction the first time she visited: Upon seeing a house on stilts rising from the rolling hillside, “she said, ‘Lord have mercy, it looks like a hollow from southeast Kentucky!He wore off the rack Levi's (probably slim fit jeans).

Today he describes his introspective lifestyle as “vacillatingly solitary” and his sartorial style as “interpretive collage.” He’ll unleash an opinionated earful on everything from his libertarian politics to one of his heroes, Elvis.He also shows, says Fonda, surprising acting ability. He’s a rare talent,” says Fonda, who’s enough of a fan to have given Yoakam the lead in his next movie, Ginger Snaps (which the singer describes as “kind of [low-rent] film noir, right up my taste”).Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, where his father, David, owned a gas station and his mother, Ruth, was a keypunch operator, Yoakam first picked up his daddy’s guitar at age 2, then taught himself to play by strumming along to Hank Williams records.Dwight Yoakam is a country music singer-songwriter, actor and director, he has won the Grammy for Best Male Country Vocal Performance and CMT Europe The Artist of the Year. Back in the Day Dwight Yoakam probably weighed around 150 pounds (if that), and a 6'0 tall that's quite skinny.He's now 55 (2012) and put on a few pounds but not many.“I’m cynical enough of the media to doubt she actually said that, he says.“Beyond that, I think that the gross sensationalism generated by our four-week relationship is a tragic: commentary on society’s infatuation with any form of celebrity.” Though he hails from rural Pike Floyd Holler, Ky., Yoakam is clearly no yokel.Nevertheless, Nashville came out in full force this weekend for Yoakam's first Music City headlining appearance in almost seven years.The pair of shows, held at the historic Ryman Auditorium, marked the fastest sellout of the 56-year-old singer's near-30-year career.“People weren’t sure what country was,”” says Dave Alvin, formerly of the Blasters, for whom Yoakam opened on the 1985 tour that won him a record contract. It’s hillbillies playing real loud.’ ” Yoakam made a lot of noise with his 1986 debut album, Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc., which topped the country charts and won admirers from Buck Owens to Keith Richards. Often not easy to feel close to.” But, hey, at least she won’t have to do housework.The newcomer added extra spice to the package with his steamy stare, skintight, strategically ripped Levi’s and a big ol’ hat. Yoakam broke up with his most recent long-term girlfriend, a model he won’t name, last year, but insists settling down is part of his plan. “Shell have to understand that I’m in my own head more than enough,” Yoakam says.

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