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Searching for “ultrasound Delhi” in India led to a slew of ads for small clinics.

None mention sex determination, but many have pictures of babies and offer other kinds of ultrasound tests.

Two hours’ drive from Delhi, where people farm sugar cane and mangoes, many say their region is becoming more violent.

Its ramshackle market towns are full of clinics offering ultrasound.

A search on “ivf boy Dubai” in New Delhi turned up adverts for clinics outside India that offer fetal sex tests and IVF babies of the desired sex.

Both are illegal in India, but are increasingly the choice for the country’s elite, says Sabu George of the Centre for Women’s Development Studies in New Delhi, who filed the court case. “You can get an ultrasound in villages that don’t have clean drinking water,” says Nandi.

Either way, the situation is hurting both women and men.Besides the tanks and fighter jets, what the Obamas saw were women, including the country’s first all-female marching battalions, a woman leading the honour guard and a re-enactment of Indian women conquering Everest in 1993. Abortion is legal in India, but not on the basis of fetal sex.Two days after the parade, India’s highest court ordered the Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines to stop adverts for providers of prenatal sex determination from popping up alongside online searches for the procedure.Next week the court is expected to order them to block adverts in the search results themselves. Infanticide was historically common, especially in north and west India, as girls were expensive to keep and required a dowry, while it was the sons who supported ageing parents.This had waned by the 1950s, but in the 1970s parents began to switch to prenatal sex selection, thanks to the availability of tests such as amniocentesis, and abortion.“You can get access to sex-determining ultrasound in villages that don’t have clean drinking water” A look at the data from the 20 Indian censuses shows what has happened (see maps).Normally, human societies have 950 girls for every 1000 boys aged 6 and under.“In the past, people just had children until they had the desired number of boys,” says Nandi.Now families planning only two children feel they cannot leave boys to chance.“I fear it will be worse in 2021,” says George, when the next census is due.Like all modernising societies, India went from some six children per woman in the 1960s to 2.4 now.

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