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Va zic, un pat nefacut da o senzatie de relaxare asa, daca’i perfect intins nici nu’ti vine sa’l strici… Pai daca vede patul militareste facut incepe sa se gandeasca numa la prostii, astia exagerat de ordonati is cam psihopati asa.

m-am interesat pe youtube si am aflat ca sunt chiar interesante si un desen anume mi-a capturat totala atentie : Poke’mon cica ii zice…super idee…monstrii ce ne bantuie cosmarurile is prinsi intr-o minge minunata si apoi aruncati afara sase bata cu fortele raului…genial…awesome…plang…sex in grup.After having a bitter argument with Zig, Bernie runs away from the island and moves to a new island that just rose from the sea, and he invites Sharko and Marina to his new house for a party.But Zig misses Bernie, so he decides to get him back so they can make up after fighting.“I think the fact that they never killed the character off is very telling,” de Pablo noted with a smile.“Under the right circumstances, I think it could definitely be explored.” As for locking into another series regular TV role, de Pablo let out a hearty laugh before telling TVLine, “I’m not sure if I’m ready to sign a 6- or 7- or 8-year deal.When a baby dolphin loses its doll, Sharko buys another for the baby dolphin, but Zig is confused as a doll by the dolphin in Marina's sandcastle, so Sharko takes Zig from the baby dolphin, which causes the baby dolphin to cry.Bernie is sick of Zig trying to catch Marina every day, so he pulls a fast one on the hyena by launching a decoy of the mermaid into the volcano, and then feeding Zig a cake that looks like her.August 26, 2009 at am (Uncategorized) m-am sculat pe la ora 9, iara cafeaua…tigara…scarpinat pe coaie…sperand spre o zi mai luminata ca cea trecuta. de 3 zile deja ma confrunt cu o dilema…am un cos pe pula sau ii doar un semn de la o divinitate suprema care imi comunica ca mio transpirat pula,coaiele in asa hal incat nah…va dati seama…apar in pula mea cosuri?Imi este foame, sete, dorinte netrecute sub scrutinarea noastra asteptand aprobare, cine ar aproba asa ceva? cine a fost acel “om” care a zis “da, vreau, imi trebuie, am nevoie de…mancare,apa” ? Cenusa zilelor de ieri se apune asupra gandurilor mele, betia de ieri ma bantuie…trebuie sa pun berea ramasa la frigider, colcaita cum ii ea reprezinta alcool,viata, iubire…imi vine sa ma cac. Cosuri pe pula fmm de treaba, ba pe fata ok, pe piept ok, pe spate ok, pana si p bucile curului ok, da nu in pula mea cosuri pe pula, ce dracu de cacat ii asta?King Neptune enjoys Marina's singing so much, that he decides to make her a music star, but Sharko misses Marina, so he and Zig decide to team up to get her back.Note: This is the only episode to include spoken dialogue in the US in the form of backup vocals to Marina's songs.

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